Next Generation of visual postproduction tools.
Featuring cutting edge technology, powerful framework, unparalleled tools and effects.
Immerse in the new reality that we can help you create.





Intensity Input

Schematic editing

Bluefish, AJA, Decklink support

CUDA based superprocessing

Advanced timeline


Creation Tools



Layer Management

Transforming Tools Over 30

Misc Tools
powerful node and tree based compositing user interface.

tools and effects support multiple input streams.

adjust intensity of all effects and tools to fine tune your work.

powerful editing standards to improve and streamline your workflow.

industry standard hardware support.

almost instant effect calculation to make your work as fast as possible thanks to NVIDIA's CUDA Technology.

additional timeline editing tools, ability to add effects directly on schematic view AND Timeline..

advanced media library management.

24 powerful creation tools like Particle System and Caustic .

Over 30 predefined effects featuring Lens Flare and advanced Scatter effect.

32 flexible color correction tools including advanced Color Grade.

13 layer compositing tools including AI Key & Power Keyer operators.

transforming tools including Area Track & AutoStabilize .

11 additional tools including advanced Fluid effect and 3D system.





Framestore, Global Timeline, Spline Editor, Image Analyzer

AutoDOD, Box, Broadcast, Caustic, Checkboard, Dots, Electricity, Flow, Fractal Flame, Fractals, Grid, IN, Lava, Noise, OUT, Paint, Particles, Pattern Circle, Radial, Ramp, Shape, Solid, Starfield, Text, Thunder

EFFECTS Bilateral, Blur, Circ blur, DOF, Damage, Defocus, DenoiseWav, Direct Blur, Edge Detect, Emboss, Engrave, Glare, Glow, Grain, Grid Warp, Halftone, Inpaint, Lens Flare, Median, Pixelize, Posterize, Quantize, Radial Blur, Rays, Refocus, Scatter, Sculptor, Sharpen, Skin Smoother, Vector Blur, Vectorize

COLOR CORRECTION Brightness, Byte, Clamp, Color Curves, Color Grade, Color Match, Color Replace, Color Temp, Colorist, Compress, Contrast, Expand, Fade, Gamma, HSV, HSV Wheels, LUT File, Levels, Log2Lin, MdivMmult, Mixer, Negative, Reorder, Safe Colors, Saturation, Set, Set Alpha, Set BG Color, Switch, Thermograph, Tint, White Balance

LAYER MANAGEMENT Anaglyph, Chroma Key, Depth Compose, Edge Correct, Inner Mask, Layer, Luma Key, Mask Control, Power Keyer, Range Keyer, Spill, Wand Key

TRANSFORMING TOOLS Area Track, Camera Shake, Canny, Chaos, Cloner, Corner Pin, Crop, Deferred, Displace, Feedback, Kaleidoscope, Fit, Flip, Format, Mirror, Motion Blur, Optical Flow, Pan, Resize, Rotate, Scale, Scroll, Spherize, Stabilize, Temporal Map, Tile, Track, Transform, Twirl, Warping


3D, Deflicker, Deinterlace, Fluid, Interlace, Shadow, Switch, Timecode, Timemaster, Timetrails, Vignette

System Requirements

64 Bit Windows Operating System (Windows 7 (recommended), Windows XP, windows Vista)
1024 MB of RAM
1GB of available disk space
NVIDIA graphics Card with
CUDA Support (check list)